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Step One To A Better Business – Destination Mastery

The next few articles that I will be writing, outline the steps to a better business that will work without you. Imagine you calling the most senior person in your business and telling them you are going away for 3 months and will not be contactable.

What business will you come back to ?

After reading the next few articles you will learn how to make the business you return to a prosperous one giving you a passive income. Here goes the first step to a better business.

Step One is Mastery – Mastery

Mastery will take a business from chaos to control.

There are 4 parts to this step:-

This week we will cover Destination Mastery for creating a better business.

Imagine boarding a flight and the pilot does not know the destination.

Which direction will he go?

How efficient will he be with decision making?

Most business owners do not know their ideal day in five years’ time and so, do not think about how to achieve it.

The ones that do are more focused and exceed their peer’s expectations.

In the 70’s when Bill Gates dreamt of a PC on every desk many doubted this would be achieved. The vision gave him the focus to plan and produce measurable goals to meet the plan.

What is your ideal day? Where do you wake up? What choices do you have?

If you think hard enough to gain clarity on what will most make you happy, you are closer to knowing what the business will need to generate to make this happen. Business owners with a clear vision create better businesses!

This can provoke thinking into what short term goals are needed to move towards this dream and brainstorming into how to achieve it.

Have you ever bought a new brand of car and noticed more of that make on the road?

Has everyone copied you ? Or is it you are more focused on this brand.

Focus, therefore, can guide you to your chosen path as you will be more aware of what is needed especially, if the goals written are measurable and tracked regularly against actual results. Better business results come from focusing on the journey as well as measuring the outcome.

If your dream was to spend six months a year in Sydney by the harbour to avoid winter. How can you achieve this?



Firstly, put a picture of your ideal house with a view of the harbour on the wall. This will get you to do the tasks you need to do (that may not be enjoyable) to get there as there is a constant reminder of the grand prize.

If we worked out that the business would need to generate £200,000 per year to make this possible we can design a plan to achieve this. We will identify the marketing strategies that will generate the turnover necessary for this sum.

This will also identify what skills we need to improve. Do we need to up-skill our team on sales and marketing to generate enough leads and convert at a reasonable rate?

We need to dream then produce a plan that will make the business fulfil the dream.

We can then brainstorm to produce measurable goals that meet the plan identifying areas that need extra staff, outsourced help and or additional training.

There you go – Step one to the six steps to a better business. Watch this space for step two.



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