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How can I increase my conversion rate from calls to sale?
Please find below an answer to a business owner’s question I responded to in a national newspaper recently.
I own a business that generates sales from inbound calls generated by a google adwords campaign. How can I increase my conversion rate from calls to sale?
If the phone is ringing, we need to ensure that the staff taking the calls are optimising the opportunity. Let’s look at how this can be done.
1. Record and regularly review call waiting times and abandoned calls.
This data can help identify ways to improve the customer experience. Changing rotas or multi skilling staff can help with this.
2. Staff training on how to convert calls to sales.
This is can be enhanced by a process where call recordings of the best sales person are shared in a training session with the rest of the team.
3. Introduce a formalised sales process.
If we map the customer journey from the call to a sale and test each stage for effectiveness, we can quickly identify opportunities for improvement. For example, is it best for a generalist staff member receiving the call to make the sale, or schedule a call back with the sales rep who specialises in the relevant area?
4. Set conversion rate targets for each team member and review the performance in a weekly meeting where the sales rep gives the review, you challenge and ask for their suggestions on how to improve and what help they need from you. You can then add your input if anything is missing. This approach makes more progress than just telling them what to do.
This is covered in the video after 36:50min



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