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How do I build a winning team to help my business work without me?
Please find below a response to a business owners question I responded to in a national newspaper recently.
How do I build a winning team to help my business work without me?
There are 6 areas you need to master to build a winning team

1. Strong leadership – you will need to grow your direct reports and enable them to lead their teams. You will also need to know when to change direction or vary the pace of what you are doing as a business.

2. Common goal – you will need a mission and vision and communicate it regularly to the team.
3. Establish the rules of the game – all staff should be clear on what they can and can’t do.
4. Action plan – develop a plan with clear owners, deadlines that feed into a financial plan.

5. Support risk taking – allow the team to make their own mistakes to grow.

6. 100% involvement and inclusion – make sure every staff member is listened to and involved in decision-aking that afects their role.
There are many more steps to achieve a business that works without you.

These include:
  • Regular financial reporting including KPIS to all staff members that are responsible for meeting a target
  • Developing systems that make all processes efficient including using technology where relevant
  • Developing processes that ensure the customer experience is excellent every time
  • Developing processes to ensure that the team is time efficient
  • Developing the sales and marketing to deliver business to the target market at the rate that can be matched to the demand and output resource



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