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How do I sell to people I do not click with?


Please find below an answer to a business owner’s question I responded to in a national newspaper recently.


This is a great question. We all communicate differently and naturally connect with people like us. Individuals who learn to communicate to all types of people generally achieve what they want quicker. Many of my clients have moved steps closer to this by using the DISC behavioural profiling tool. It looks at four main types of behavioural style. We all have an element of all of them in us, just in different proportions.
The styles are:
D – Outgoing ,fast paced, guarded, task focused. Likely just to want top level facts and will forget to say happy birthday or how was the wedding?
I – Outgoing, fast paced, relationship focused and open. Will answer every question with at least 500 words and loves being around large groups.
S – Reserved, slow paced, relationship focused and open. Hates change and is very shy around new people, finds networking very scary.Very loyal and the easiest to get along with.
C – Reserved, slow paced,t ask focused and guarded. These are the perfectionists, using statistics heavily to drive decision-making and are really scared of being wrong.
Sales tips for each style are:
D – Be brief, challenge them and ask for the order. Be prepared for tough questions and no small talk. Expect a quick decision.
I – Will never say “no”, but will avoid your calls and not go ahead unless lots of other people like them have bought and they fear missing out.
S – Will buy after a slow decision process if nobody is adversely effected and there are lots of guarantees.
C – Be prepared with lots of statistics, testimonials and ensure there are no spelling errors.
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